Driving Digital Change: People and Processes

During a time when most companies are digitising their business procedures, we consider it our duty as a pioneering and leading business school to provide a bundle of courses and real case studies on the topic of digital transformation. This certificate is the fourth in a series of seven which make up the Executive Master in Digital Transformation. 

For that, ESSEC professors have designed an Online Executive Certificate to help you weather the storm. Our Driving Digital Change: People and Processes course equips you with the tools you need to design, manage and lead a digital change program in your business. Working with real-life case studies, and a capstone project, you’ll learn how to pitch change to your organization, manage any pain points and blockers that occur, and oversee how the change program fits in with your long-term goals, whatever stage of digitization your company is at. 

Your people are the heartbeat of your business. Choose a certificate that puts them first, and put processes in place that make digital change work for everyone.

Through this certificate we provide solid foundations for those whose businesses are undergoing a digital transformation.

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Date: English // 8 weeks // Eligible for CPF Fees: €4,500 excl. tax
Format: En ligne

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Discover now our 100% online certificate

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