Stefan Linder
Professeur Associé, Département Comptabilité-Contrôle de Gestion

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Présentation Thèmes de Recherche Publications Enseignement Autres Activités

Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Doctorate, WHU-Otto Beishem School of Management, Germany 

Master en sciences éonomiques et commerciales (Dipl.-Kfm.), WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany 

Thèmes de Recherche

- Planification stratégique et opérationnel

- Management et contrôle des investissements

- « autonomous strategic action », entrepreneuriat dans les grands entreprises et « ambidexterity »

- Impact des systèmes du contrôle de gestion sur le comportement et la motivation humaine

- Les « vignette experiments » (ou « factorial surveys ») comme outil de recherche  


Publications académiques
  Microfoundations: Nature, Debate, and Promise. (avec N. Foss). Cambridge (UK)  : Cambridge University Press, 2019
  Investitionskontrolle: Grundzüge einer verhaltensorientierten Theorie. Wiesbaden (Germany)  : Deutscher Universitäts Verlag, 2006
  Verhaltensorientiertes Controlling: Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt . (avec J. Weber, B. Hirsch, E. Zayer). Weinheim (Germany)  : Wiley / WHU, 2004
  Budgeting, Better Budgeting oder Beyond Budgeting? Konzeptionelle Eignung und Implementierbarkeit . (avec J. Weber). 2ème édition. Weinheim (Germany)  : John Wiley & Sons, 2003

  "DESIGNING ETHICAL MANAGEMENT CONTROL: OVERCOMING THE HARMFUL EFFECT OF MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEMS ON JOB-RELATED STRESS" (S. Linder, B. Leca, A. Zicari, V. Casarin), Journal of Business Ethics, avr. 2020, Vol. n/a, Numéro n/a, p. n/a‑n/a
  "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH: PAST ACHIEVEMENTS AND FUTURE PROMISES" (T. Saebi, N. Foss, S. Linder), Journal of Management, janv. 2019, Vol. 45, Numéro 1, p. 79‑95
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  "Does Basel II affect the market valuation of discretionary loan loss provisions?" (M. Hamadi, A. Heinen, S. Linder, V. Porumb), Journal of Banking and Finance, Numéro tba
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  "Antecedents to Autonomous Strategic Action: What about Decline?" (S. Linder, J. Bothello), IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Numéro 2
  "Epistemics at Work: The Theory of Mind in Principal-Agent Relations" (S. Linder, N. Foss, D. Stea), Oxford Handbooks Online - Scholarly Research Reviews, févr. 2015, Vol. _, Numéro 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199935406.013.8, p. _‑_
  "Do Management Control Systems Foster or Hamper Middle Managers' Entrepreneurial Engagement?" (S. Linder, S. Torp), International Journal of Strategic Change Management, avr. 2014, Vol. 5, Numéro 2, p. 107‑124
  "With a view to make things better: individual characteristics and intentions to engage in management innovation" (S. Linder, J. Kunz), Journal of Management & Governance, nov. 2013, Vol. Volume 19, Numéro 3 , p. 525‑556
  "Subsitutiv oder komplementär? Zum Verhältnis der Investitionskontrolle zur Unternehmensorganisation und anderen Controllinginstrumenten" (S. Linder), Zeitschrift für Controlling, nov. 2012, Vol. 24, Numéro 11, p. 633‑638
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  Autonomy and Leadership Support as Antecedents to Intrapreneurship: Value of Vignette Experiments for Research on Strategic Responsiveness. In: Strategic Responsiveness and Adaptive Organizations: New Research Frontiers in International Strategic Management. Bingley (UK) : Emerald, 2019, p. 41-59
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  Investitionskontrolle. In: Vahlens großes Auditing Lexikon. Munich (Germany) : Franz Vahlen, Carl-Christian Freidank, , Laurenz Lachnit , Jörg Tesch . 2007

Publications professionnelles
  "Controllability sinnvoll einsetzen" (S. Linder, J. Kunz), Controlling & Management Review, Numéro 4
  "Effektives Risiko- und Chancenmanagement in turbulenten Zeiten: Wie Sie Szenarien und Simulationen richtig nutzen" (S. Linder, J. Spitzner), Risk, Compliance & Audit, oct. 2010, Vol. n/a, Numéro 5, p. 14‑19

Autres publications
Articles de presse
  "Simulieren geht ohne Weltformel". Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 21 févr. 2011, p. 10-10 (Management des risques; simulation des risques)

Recensions d'ouvrages
  "Controlling: Konzeption, Aufgaben, Instrumente". (HU. Küpper) Zeitschrift für Controlling & Management, 2005, vol. 50, Numéro d'édition 4, p. 325-326
  "Beyond Budgeting umsetzen - Erfolgreich planen mit Advanced Budgeting". (Horváth & Partners (hrsg) Zeitschrift für Controlling & Management, 2005, vol. 49, p. 29-30
  "Beyond Budgeting, Better Budgeting ? Ohne feste Budgets zielorientiert führen und erfolgreich steuern". (N. Pfläging) Zeitschrift für Controlling & Management, 2004, vol. 48, p. 163-164
  "Controlling". (P. Horváth) Kostenrechnungspraxis, 2002, vol. 46, Numéro d'édition 8, p. 387-388

Enseignement à l'ESSEC

BBA (Bachelor) 

- Strategic Management Control

- Performance Management and Business Model Innovation in the Digital Era  


Master of Science (Grande Ecole):

- Management Control

- Pre-MSc Accounting Refresher, part 2: management accounting

- Strategic Cost Management

- Managing Plans and Projects


Specialized Masters (MS)

- Costs, Decisions, Simulations, MS MIA (till 2018)

- Project Controlling and Performance Management, MS LIIP (till 2017)

- Couts & cycle de vie, MS MGO (dépuis 2018)

- Cost Analysis, MS DFC (since 2020) 

- Strategic Cost Management, MS DFC (since 2020) 


- Managerial Accounting



- Foundations of Management 1 (co-taught with B. Leca and M. Workiewicz)




Autres activités pédagogiques
Research method related publications:
-The Use of Vignette Experiments in Business Strategy Research, in: De Pablos, P. O. (Hrsg.), International Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, IGI Global, 2013, S. 82-94.
-Vignetten-Experiment (mit Jennifer Kunz), Zeitschrift für Planung und Unternehmenssteuerung, 21. Jahrgang, 2011: 211–222.

Activités scientifiques
Communications présentées à des conférences

-2015 (June), Incentives, Internalized, and Bank Managers’ Socially Responsible Behavior, 2015 European Academy of Management Conference, Warsaw, Poland

-2014 (July), A Glimpse at the Dark Side of Management Control, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Canada, Toronto (with A. Zicari and M. Kerveillant)

-2014 (June), Middle Manager Engagement in Autonomous Strategic Action: Opening the Black Box, SMS Special Conference 2014, Copenhagen, Danemark

-2013 (Dec.), Incentives for Socially Responsible Behavior (or Management?) (SRB): Is "Bribing" Managers a Promising Way to Foster SRB?, 4th European Reward Management Conference, Brussels, Belgium (with N. Mottis)

-2013 (Sept.), Does a Carrot Truly Help to Motivate? Incentives and Managers' Motivation for Autonomous Strategic Action,  EIASM 7th Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control, Barcelona, Spain (with M.L. Gomez)

-2013 (Sept.), Free to Choose? Organizational Context and the Intensity of Opportunity Evaluation, EIASM 7th Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control, Barcelona, Spain (with J. Lyngsie, N. J. Foss and S.A. Zahra)

-2013 (June), Need A Break? How Organizational Control Systems Affect Perceived Stress In Young Employees, Aalto University Management Accounting Research Workshop, Helsinki, Finland

-2012 (Aug), Dealing with the Costly Lower-tail: Realizing the Promises of Participation Through Formal Planning, 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, USA

-2011 (Nov.), Rewarding Imagination: Motivating Individuals to Autonomous Strategic Action, 1st International Conference in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs, France

Affiliations et activités académiques
Member of ESSEC's Ph.D. committee


Expérience professionnelle

Management consultant (Free-lancer)

2006 – 2008: Management consultant, Bonn (Germany)

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Comptabilité-Contrôle de Gestion
Tél : +33-1-34-43-32-38
Fax : +33-1-34-43-28-11

ESSEC Business School
Av. Bernard Hirsch
B.P. 50105
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