Ivana Ljubic
Professeur, Département Systèmes d'Information, Sciences de la Décision et Statistiques (IDS)

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Présentation Thèmes de Recherche Publications Autres Activités

Habilitation in Operations Research, University of Vienna

PhD in Computer Science, Vienna University of Technology


Ivana Ljubic is Academic Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA program. She teaches courses in Decision Analytics, Optimal Decision Making, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research (OR) and Disruption from AI in ESSEC MSc, PhD, Advanced Master and EMBA programs. Prior to joining ESSEC in 2015, she was appointed at the University of Vienna. She also worked as Visiting Scholar/Professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, TU Dortmund, TU Berlin, Dauphine University.  

She has carried out consulting studies and industrial contracts for leading telecommunication providers in France and Austria. After completing her PhD in computer science, she also worked for 2 years as Financial Analyst for a Siemens spin-off (fin4cast), focusing on portfolio optimization.

Research interests of Ivana Ljubic include combinatorial optimization, optimization under uncertainty, bilevel optimization. She uses tools and methods of mixed integer (non-) linear programming, meta-heuristics and their successful combinations for solving optimization problems with applications in network design, telecommunications, transportation, logistics, routing and bioinformatics. She has published more than 50 articles in leading OR journals, including Operations Research, Management Science, Mathematical Programming, INFORMS JOC, European Journal of Operational Research

She is member of the Editorial Board for the journals European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, and she is Associate Editor for the journals Omega, Networks and Journal of Global Optimization. She also served as guest-editor of journals: European Journal of Operational Research and Annals of Operations Research.

She currently serves as chair of the INFORMS Telecommunication and Network Analytics Section. From 2010-2016 she was member of council of the INFORMS Telecommunication Section and from 2006 to 2008 she was member of the executive board of the Austrian OR Society (OEGOR).

She has received numerous research grants, including those from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PHC program), Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW), Austrian Research Fund (FWF) and European Commission (ERA-NET).


See the full publication list including preprints. 

See the Google Scholar Profile.

Complete list of scientific activities.


Thèmes de Recherche

Network Design

Combinatorial Optimization

Optimization under Uncertainty

Biobjective Optimization

Mixed Integer (Non-linear) Programming





Design of Telecommunication Networks

Smart Cities

Facility Location

Design of Data and Distribution Networks


Social Networks

Projets en Cours

e4-share (Models for Ecological, Economical, Efficient, Electric Car-Sharing), with Uni Wien, ULB and Uni Bolog.

Network Optimization in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, with Uni Wien (funded by FWF)

Multi-Criteria Optimization of FTTx Network, with Uni Wien, ZIB Berlin (funded by FWF, DFG)





Publications académiques
  "Exact approaches for the directed network design problem with relays" (I. Ljubic, M. Leitner, M. Riedler, M. Ruthmair), Omega
  "The incremental connected facility location problem" (A. Arulselvan, A. Bley, I. Ljubic), Computers and Operations Research, déc. 2019, Vol. 112, p. 104763
  "Interdiction Games and Monotonicity, with Application to Knapsack Problems" (M. Fishetti, I. Ljubic, M. Monaci, M. Sinnl), INFORMS Journal on Computing, déc. 2019, Vol. 31, Numéro 2, p. 390‑410
  "Exact Approaches for Network Design Problems with Relays" (M. Leitner, I. Ljubic, M. Riedler, M. Ruthmair), INFORMS Journal on Computing, nov. 2019, Vol. 31, Numéro 1, p. 171‑192
  "The Maximum Clique Interdiction Problem" (F. Furini, I. Ljubic, S. Martin, P. San Segundo), European Journal of Operational Research, août 2019, Vol. 277, p. 112‑127
  "A new branch-and-bound algorithm for the maximum edge-weighted clique problem" (I. Ljubic, P. San Segundo, S. Coniglio, F. Furini), European Journal of Operational Research, juil. 2019, Vol. 278, Numéro 1, p. 76‑90
  "Benders Decomposition for Very Large Scale Partial Set Covering and Maximal Covering Problems" (I. Ljubic, JF. Cordeau, F. Furini), European Journal of Operational Research, mars 2019, Vol. 275, Numéro 3, p. 882‑896
  "On the use of intersection cuts for bilevel optimization" (I. Ljubic, M. Fischetti, M. Monaci, M. Sinnl), Mathematical Programming Series A & B, nov. 2018, Vol.  172, Numéro  1-2, p. 77‑103
  "A Dual Ascent-Based Branch-and-Bound Framework for the Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree and Related Problems" (I. Ljubic, M. Leitner, M. Luipersbeck, M. Sinnl), INFORMS Journal on Computing, oct. 2018, Vol. 30, Numéro 2, p. 402‑420
  "Tighter MIP models for Barge Container Ship Routing" (I. Ljubic, L. Alfandari, T. Davidovic, F. Furini, V. Maras, S. Martin), Omega, mai 2018, Vol. 82, p. 38‑54
  "Outer approximation and submodular cuts for maximum capture facility location problems with random utilities" (I. Ljubic, E. Moreno), European Journal of Operational Research, avr. 2018, Vol. 266, Numéro 1, p. 46‑56
  " Decomposition methods for the two-stage stochastic Steiner tree problem" (I. Ljubic, M. Leitner, M. Luipersbeck, M. Sinnl), Computational Optimization and Applications, avr. 2018, Vol. 69, Numéro 3, p. 713‑752
  "The connected facility location polytope" (M. Leitner, I. Ljubic, JJ. Salazar‑Gonzales, M. Sinnl), Discrete Applied Mathematics, févr. 2018, Vol. 234, Numéro  , p. 151‑167
  "A new general-purpose algorithm for mixed-integer bilevel linear programs" (I. Ljubic, M. Fischetti, M. Monaci, M. Sinnl), Operations Research, déc. 2017, Vol. 65, Numéro 6, p. 1615‑1637
  "An Effective Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Minimum-Cost Maximal Knapsack Packing Problem" (I. Ljubic, F. Furini, M. Sinnl), European Journal of Operational Research, oct. 2017, Vol. 262, Numéro 2, p. 438‑448
  "An Algorithmic Framework for the Exact Solution of Tree-Star Problems" (I. Ljubic, M. Leitner, J. Gonzales, M. Sinnl), European Journal of Operational Research, juin 2017, Vol. 261, Numéro 1, p. 54‑66
  "Feature Cluster: Recent Advances in Exact Methods for Multi-Objective Optimisation" (I. Ljubic, M. Ehrgott, S. Parragh), European Journal of Operational Research, juin 2017, Vol. 260, Numéro 3, p. 805‑806
  "Solving Minimum-Cost Shared Arborescence Problems" (I. Ljubic, E. Alvarez‑Miranda, M. Luipersbeck, M. Sinnl), European Journal of Operational Research, juin 2017, Vol. 258, Numéro 3, p. 887‑901
  "Stochastic Survivable Network Design Problems: Theory and Practice" (I. Ljubic, P. Mutzel, B. Zey), European Journal of Operational Research, juin 2017, Vol. 256, Numéro 2, p. 333‑348
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  "Thinning out Steiner trees: a node-based model for uniform edge costs" (M. Fischetti, M. Leitner, I. Ljubic, M. Luipersbeck, M. Monaci, M. Resch, D. Salvagnin, M. Sinnl), Mathematical Programming Computation
  "Benders decomposition without separability: a computational study for capacitated facility location problems" (I. Ljubic, M. Fischetti, M. Sinnl), European Journal of Operational Research, Numéro 3
  "ILP heuristics and a new exact method for bi-objective 0/1 ILPs: Application to FTTx-network design" (M. Leitner, I. Ljubic, M. Sinnl, A. Werner), Computers and OR
  "A Node-Based Layered Graph Approach for the Steiner Tree Problem with Revenues, Budget and Hop-Constraints" (I. Ljubic, M. Sinnl), Mathematical Programming Computation, Numéro -
  "The recoverable robust facility location problem" (E. Álvarez‑Miranda, E. Fernández, I. Ljubic, ), Transportation Research, sept. 2015, Vol. 79, Numéro 1, p. 93‑120
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  " A MIP-based Heuristic Approach to solve a Prize-Collecting Local Access Network Design Problem " (I. Ljubic, P. Putz, JJ. Salazar6gonzalez), European Journal of Operational Research, juin 2014, Vol. 235, Numéro 3, p. 727‑739
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  "Evolutionary Local Search for the Edge-Biconnectibity Augmentation Problem" (G. Raidl, I. Ljubic), Information Processing Letters, janv. 2002, Vol. 82, Numéro 1, p. 39‑45
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  Intersection Cuts for Bilevel Optimization. In: Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (avec M. Fischetti, M. Monaci, M. Sinnl). Berlin (Germany) : Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Quentin Louveaux, Martin Skutella . 2016, p. 77-88
  The Maximum Weight Connected Subgraph Problem. In: Facets of Combinatorial Optimization (avec E. Alvarez-Miranda, P. Mutzel). : Springer, Michael Jünger, Gerhard Reinelt. 2013, p. 245-270

Prix et distinctions

2016: Best paper award of the INFORMS Telecommunication Section for the paper The Generalized Regenerator Location Problem, INFORMS Journal on Computing 27(2): 204 - 220, 2015 (with S. Chen, S. Raghavan).

2014: Winner of the DIMACS implementation challenge on Steiner trees (with M. Fischetti et al.)

2014: Finalist for the best paper award of the INFORMS Telecommunication Section (with L. Gouveia, M. Leitner)

APART Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (2011-2013)

Hertha-Firnberg Post-Doc Fellowship of the Austrian Science Fund (2007-2010) 

PhD award of Austrian Society for Operations Research (2005)

PhD Fellowship of Austrian Academy of Sciences (DOC Fellowship, 2003-2004)

Activités scientifiques
Membre d'un comité de lecture
  Journal of Global Optimization, Springer
  Computers and Operations Research, Elsevier

Direction d'ouvrage collectif
  Operations Research Proceedings 2015. (avec K. Doerner, G. Tragler, G. Pflug, ). : Springer Verlag, 2016

Communications présentées à des conférences

See the full list of Invited Talks and Conference Presentations


Recent invited talks:

From Game Theory to Graph Theory: A Bilevel Journey, 
OR 2018: International Conference on Operations ResearchEURO Plenary, Brussels, Belgium, Sept 12-14, 2018.

Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Bilevel Linear Programs, Plenary Speaker
IWOBIP'18, 2nd International Workshop on Bilevel Programming, Inria Lille-Nord Europe, Lille, France, June 18-22 2018.   


Affiliations et activités académiques

2014-2016: INFORMS Telecom Section, Secretary,

2014-2015 and 2006-2008: Member of the executive board of the Austrian Society of Operations Research OEGOR),


OptTelNets, project with Telecom Austria A1 (2007 - 2010)

Expérience professionnelle

Recent activities as the program committee member:

European Conference on Operational Research, EURO 2016, Poznan, Poland

International Network Optimization Conference, INOC 2015, Warsaw, Poland

International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization, ISCO 2014, Lisbon, Portuga

INFORMS Telecommunication Conference 2014, Lisbon, Portugal


Recent co-organization of conferences & workshops:

OR2015, Vienna, Austria, Sept 1-4, 2015

Workshop “Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Optimization”, 2014 University of Vienna, Austria

Workshop “Routing and Networks”, University of Vienna, 2014, Austria



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