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Présentation Thèmes de Recherche Autres Activités

Ph.D. in Management Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1978)

 (“A Study of Mutiple Consumption for Frequently Purchased Consumer Products”)


SM in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1976)

  (“A Dynamic Analysis of the Housing Market in Paris”)


HEC Paris Grande Ecole (1970)


Gilles LAURENT is Research Fellow at ESSEC Business School, in the Marketing Department.

His research field is Marketing and Consumer Behavior. He has published articles in international journals such as Management Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences, Marketing Letters, and other outlets.

Before joining ESSEC, he was for 34 years at Professor at HEC Paris, where he served as Associate Dean for the Ph.D. program and Associate Dean for Research.

He was Editor-in-chief of International Journal of Research in Marketing (1987-1989). He organized (for the first time outside North America) the Marketing Science Conference (1987) and the Invitational Choice Symposium (1998).

He is currently Associate Editor of Journal of Business Research and Recherche et Applications en Marketing.


Publications - Articles (selected)

«Range Programming: introducing a 'satisficing range' in a LP», Management Science, 1976, n° 22, pp.713-6.

«Measuring consumer involvement profiles», Journal of Marketing Research, February 1985, n° 22, pp.41-53 (with J.N. Kapferer).

«Comment définir le taux normal des IGE sériques chez l'adulte ?», Annales de Médecine Interne, 1985, vol.5, n° 136, pp.419-22 (with J. Laurent et quatre autres auteurs).

«Consumer Involvement Profiles: A New and Practical Aproach to Consumer Involvement», Journal of Advertising Research, December-January 1985, vol.25, n° 6, pp.48-56 (with J.N. Kapferer).

«Les profils d'implication», Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 1986, n° 1 (with J.N. Kapferer).

«Les thèses de marketing depuis 1986», Recherche et Applications en Marketing, March 1992, vol.7, n° 1 (with P. Grégory).

«Y-a-t-il un consommateur du luxe ? une analyse comparative des profils sociodémographiques des acheteurs européens ?», Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 1993, vol.8, n° 4, pp.107-124 (with B. Dubois).

«Further evidence on the consumer involvement profile: five antecedents of involvement», Psychology and Marketing, July-August 1993, vol.10, n° 4, pp.347-355 (with J.N. Kapferer).

«A Research Agenda for Making Scanner Data More Useful to Managers», Marketing Letters, October 1994, vol.5, n° 4, pp.395-412 (with S. Neslin, G. Allenby, A. Ehrenberg, S. Hoch, R. Leone, J. Little, L. Lodish, R. Shoemaker, D. Wittinck).

«Consideration Sets of Size One: an Empirical Investigation of Automobile Purchases», International Journal of Research in Marketing, May 1995, vol.12, n° 1, pp.55-56 (with E. Lapersonne et J.J. Le Goff).

«The Underlying Structure of Brand Awareness Scores», Marketing Science, 1995, vol.14, n° 3, pp.170-179 (with J.N. Kapferer, F. Roussel).

«Improving the External Validity of Marketing Models: A Plea For More Qualitative Input», International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2000, n° 17, pp.177-182.

«A Benefit Congruency Framework of Sales Promotion Effectiveness», Journal of Marketing,  October 2000, vol.64, n° 4, pp.65-81 (with P. Chandon, B. Wansink)

«Engineering Hedonic Attributes to Generate Perceptions of Luxury: Consumer Perception of an Everyday Sound», Marketing Letters, 2003, vol.14, n° 2, pp.97-109 (with T. Lageat, S. Czellar).

«Measuring and modeling the (limited) reliability of free choice attitude questions», International Journal of Research in Marketing, Sepember 2005, vol.22, n° 3, pp.309-318 (with C. Rungie, F. Dall'Olmo Riley, D. G. Morrison, T. Roy).

«Cognition, Persuasion and Decision Making in Older Consumers», Marketing Letters, Special Issue: Sixth Invitational Choice Symposium, December 2005, vol.16, n° 3-4, pp.429-441 (with C. Yoon , H.H. Fung, R. Gonzalez, A. H. Gutchess, T. Hedden, R. Lambert-Pandraud,  M. Mather, D.C. Park, E. Peters, I. Skurnik).

«Consumer Segments Based on Attitudes toward Luxury: Empirical Evidence from Twenty Countries», Marketing Letters, April 2005, vol.16, n° 2, pp.115-128 (with B. Dubois, S. Czellar).

«Repeat Purchasing of New Automobiles by Older Consumers: Empirical Evidence and Interpretations», Journal of Marketing, April 2005, vol.69, n° 2, pp.97-113 (with R.Lambert-Pandraud, E.Lapersonne).

«Consumers' Immediate Memory for Prices», Journal of Consumer Research, Sepember 2006, vol.33, n° 2, pp.163-172 (with X. Drèze, M. Vanhuele).

«Decision Making and Brand Choice by Older Consumers», Marketing Letters, December 2008, vol.19, n° 3/4, pp.355-365 (with C. Cole, A. Drolet, J. Ebert, A. Gutchess, R. Lambert-Pandraud, E. Mullet, M. Norton, E. Peters).

«Why Do Older Consumers Buy Older Brands? The Role of Attachment and Declining Innovativeness», Journal of Marketing, Sepember 2010, vol.74, n° 5, pp.104-121 (with R. Lambert-Pandraud).

«Respect the Data! », International Journal of Research in Marketing, December 2013, vol.30, n° 4, pp.323-334.

«More Prizes Are Not Always More Attractive: Factors Increasing Prospective Sweepstakes Participants’ Sensitivity to the Number of prizes », Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, May 2015, vol.43, n° 3, pp.395-410 (with S. Laporte).

«Where Do Consumers Think Luxury Begins? A Study of Perceived Minimum Price for 21 Luxury Goods in 7 Countries », Journal of Business Research, January 2016, vol.69, n° 1, pp.332-340 (with J.N. Kapferer).

«Temporary brand-retailer alliance model: the routes to purchase intentions for selective brands and mass retailers », Journal of Marketing Management, 2016, vol. 32, pp. 592-627 (with L. Nabec, B. Pras)

«Pursuing the Concept of Luxury: Introduction to the JBR Special Issue on ‘Luxury Marketing from Tradition to Innovation’ ” Journal of Business Research, January 2016, vol.69, pp. 299-303, (with J.L. Chandon, P. Valette-Florence).

« Impact of Age on Brand Awareness Sets: A Turning Point in Consumers' Early 60s, » Marketing Letters, June 2017, vol.28(2), pp..205-214 (with R. Lambert-Pandraud, E. Mullet, C. Yoon).

“In Search of New Planets in the Luxury Galaxy,” Journal of Business Research, 2017, vol.77, pp. 140-146 (with J.L. Chandon, P. Valette-Florence).

“Investigating Brand Verbal Fluency: When known brands do not come to mind,” International Journal of Market Research, 2018, vol.60, pp.304-315 (with R. Lambert-Pandraud, B. Gourvennec)

“Evermore subjective and contingent luxury,” Journal of Business Research, vol.102, pp.245-249 (with J.L. Chandon, P. Valette-Florence).



Books, Book Chapters, Other Publications

PL/I, initiation pratique, Entreprise Moderne d'Edition, Paris, 1970 (with J.E. Forge, P. Muffat, F. Sallot des Noyers).

Comment mesurer l'implication des consommateurs, IREP, 1983 (with J.N. Kapferer).

La sensibilité aux marques : nouveau concept pour la gestion des marques, Fondation Jours de France pour la Recherche en Publicité, 1983 (with J.N. Kapferer).

La sensibilité aux marques : marchés sans marques, marchés à marques, Editions d'Organisation, Paris, 1992 (with J.N. Kapferer).

«La sensibilité aux marques» in La marque, J.N. Kapferer et J.C. Thoenig, Mc Graw-Hill, Paris, 1989, ch. 3 (with J.N. Kapferer).

Research Tradition in Marketing, Kluwer, Boston, 1994, 3e éd. 1999 (with G.L. Lilien, B. Pras).

«Luxuries for the Happy Many» in Mastering Global Business, The Financial Times - FT Pitman Publishing, 1998, pp. 236-237 (with B. Dubois).

«Research in Marketing: Some Trends, Some Recommendations» in Rethinking Marketing – Towards Critical marketing Accountings, D. Brownlie, M. Saren, R. Wensley, R. Whittington (Eds), Sage Publications, 1999, chap. 18 (with B. Pras).

« Consumer Rapport to Luxury: Analyzing Complex and Ambivalent Attitudes», Cahier de Recherche du Groupe HEC, n° 736/2001 (with B. Dubois and S. Czellar, 460 cites in Google Scholar)

«Impact of Age on Brand Choice» in The aging consumer -Perspectives from Psychology and Economics, A. Drolet, N. Schwarz, C. Yoon (Eds), Routledge, London, 2010, pp.175 - 186 (with R. Lambert - Pandraud).

«Brand Loyalty vs. Loyalty to Product Attributes» in Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management, Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Wolfgang Fritz, and Lutz Hildebrandt (Eds), Springer Gabler: Wiesbaden, 2012, chap. 9 (with C. Rungie).

“Pierre-Louis Dubois: le fondateur de RAM”, in Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Pierre-Louis Dubois, FNEGE-Economica, 2016.

« Researching Luxury Consumption in a Global and Digital Age », Foreword to Research Handbook on Luxury Branding (Edward Elgar Publishing), forthcoming.


Thèmes de Recherche

Older consumers.

Luxury, from the consumer side.

Consumer processing of retail prices.

Projets en Cours

“How Do Consumers Read Prices?” (with M. Vanhuele) 

“Does Choice Confidence Decrease Among Older People?” (with R. Lambert-Pandraud and D. Dubois). 

“Should the Color Background of an Ad Be Congruous with the Featured Product? Yes and No,” (with M. Dhouib, S. Lacoste-Badie, O. Droulers). 

 “Impact of Age on Consumer Ability to Handle Complex Promotions,” (with R. Lambert-Pandraud).

Prix et distinctions

Honors and Awards

Prix de la Fondation Jours de France 1983 (« La sensibilité aux marques : un nouveau concept pour gérer les marques ») with J.N. Kapferer

Prix du “Meilleur économiste de l’année” (catégorie marketing), décerné par le Nouvel Economiste (1995)

Academic Trustee, Marketing Science Institute (1996-2002)

EMAC Fellow (since 2002)

Academic Trustee, AiMark, 2009-now

Member of the “Collège scientifique du Conseil pour le Développement des Humanités et des Sciences Sociales”, Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (2009-2011)

Dean of EMAC Fellows (2010-2013)

EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award, 2012.


Activités scientifiques
Communications présentées à des conférences

More than 100 Conference Presentations

Conference Organization

Joint Essec-Insead-HEC research seminar (1980-2009)  with A. Bemmaor and (initially)
M. Corstjens

Marketing Science Conference, Jouy-en-Josas (1987) with D. Hanssens

Conference on “Research Traditions in Marketing,” Brussels, (1992) with G. Lilien and B. Pras

First French-German Workshop on Quantitative Methods in Marketing, Berlin (1996) with Lutz Hildebrandt

Invitational Choice Symposium, Jouy-en-Josas (1998)

“Track Chair” for the EMAC conference (2007-2009, 2015-2016) with Bruce Hardie, Tammo Bijmolt, Marc Vanhuele

Monaco Symposium on Luxury (2014, 2016, 2018) with Jean-Louis Chandon and Pierre Valette-Florence 

Affiliations et activités académiques

Academic Positions

Associate Dean for the Doctoral Program, HEC Paris (1989-1991)

Associate Dean for Research, HEC Paris (1993-1998)

Carrefour Chair, HEC Paris (2001-2006)

Member of the Conseil scientifique, HEC Doctoral Program (1985-2007)

Vice-President Publications, EMAC (1999-2005).

Vice-President, AFM, 1984-1986, 2006-2008 (Research, Publications, International).


Editorial Activities

1987-1989      Editor in Chief, International Journal of Research in Marketing

2014-               Associate Editor, Recherche et Applications en Marketing

2016-              Associate Editor, Journal of Business Research

Guest editor of special issues:
                        Recherche et Applications en Marketing (1986), with B. Pras)
                        Recherche et Applications en Marketing (1993)
                        International Journal of Research in Marketing (1997 with M. Uncles)
                        Décisions Marketing (1997 with P. Desmet)
                        Marketing Letters (1999)
                        Journal of Business Research (2005 with J. Zaichkowsky)
                        Journal of Business Research (2015, 2017, 2019 with J.L. Chandon and P. Valette-Florence)

1986-present   Member of the Editorial Board, Recherche et Applications en Marketing

1987-2015      Member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Research in Marketing

2014-now        Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Marketing Behavior

1997-now        Member of the Policy Board, Marketing Letters

1986-2014      Member of the Scientific Committee, Recherche et Applications en Marketing

Member of Scientific Committees on Journals rankings
                        FNEGE 2013, 2016, 2019
                        Chartered Association of Business Schools 2015, 2018
                        AERES, then HCERES, 2014-now



Journals Ranking

Member of the committees in charge of the FNEGE journal ranking (2013, 2016, 2019)

Member of the committee in charge of AERES, then HCERES journal ranking (since 2015)

External expert for the British CABS journal ranking (2015, 2018) 


American Marketing Association

Association for Consumer Research


European Marketing Academy

Association Française du Marketing


More than 100 dissertation jurys, mostly in France but also in Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, Australia, Spain.

More than 20 HDR jurys.

Member of jury for Prix Effie (UDA-AACC) and Prix Phoenix de la Communication (UDA) 

Dissertation advisor

Odile Deher

Jean-Philippe Croizean (with Jean-Pierre Helfer)

Alexandre Steyer

Eric Lapersonne

Anne-Sophie Bayle-Tourtoulou

Markus Collet

Pierre Chandon

Raphaëlle Lambert-Pandraud

Christine Balagué

Naji Nassar

Yolande Piris (with Pierre-Louis Dubois)

Julien Schmitt (with Marc Vanhuele)

Sandra Laporte 


Liens utiles
Tél : 01 34 43 33 86

ESSEC Business School
Av. Bernard Hirsch
B.P. 50105
95021 Cergy

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