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Visiting Scholar at Katz Graduate School of Business (University of Pittsburgh) & Weatherhead School of Management (Case Western Reserve University)

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Higher Education, University of Bern 

PhD in Information Systems, University of Bern, Switzerland

Diploma (combined Bachelor's and Master's degree) in Information Systems, University of Mannheim 

Research Areas

Across all my research projects I am particularly interested in understanding dynamics over time. Therefore, many of my projects take a process-theoretic stance. My research focuses on three broad areas: 

(1) Managing digital transformation processes (Platform ecosystems / Software industry survey / Self-learning systems)

(2) Governnace dynamics in software development (Dynamics of contracts & controls / Balancing cooperation & competition/ Standards & autonomy)

(3) Digital collaboration (Prototype use / Effective use of collaboration platforms/ Agile SD) 

Academic Publications
  "Complementor dedication in platform ecosystems: rule adequacy and the moderating role of flexible and benevolent practices" (T. Hurni, T. Huber, J. Dibbern, O. Krancher), European Journal of Information Systems, Issue forthcoming
  "The use of prototypes to bridge knowledge boundaries in agile software development" (T. Huber, M. Winkler, J. Dibbern, C. Brown), Information Systems Journal, Issue tbd
  "Successfully Governing Software Ecosystems: Competence Profiles of Partnership Managers" (T. Kude, T. Huber, J. Dibbern), IEEE Software, Oct 2018, Vol. 36, Issue 3, p. 39‑44
  "Governance Practices in Platform Ecosystems: Navigating Tensions Between Co-Created Value and Governance Costs" (T. Huber, T. Kude, J. Dibbern), Information Systems Research (INFORMS), Jun 2017, Vol. 28, Issue 3, p. 563‑584
  "Towards a Process View of Complementarity and Substitution of Contractual and Relational Governance in Information Systems Outsourcing" (T. Huber, T. Fischer, J. Dibbern, R. Hirschheim), Journal of Management Information Systems, Jan 2013, Vol. 30, Issue 3, p. 81‑114

  Emerging Innovation Ecosystems: The Critical Role of Distributed Innovation Agency. In: Information Systems Outsourcing: The Era of Digital Transformation (with T. Hurni, J. Dibbern). : Springer, Rudy Hirschheim. 2020, p. 101-143
  How and Why Software Outsourcing Projects Drift?an Actor-Network-Theoretic Investigation of Control Processes. In: Information Systems Outsourcing: The Era of Digital Transformation (with J. Dibbern). : Springer, Rudy Hirschheim, Armin Heinzl, Jens Dibbern. 2020, p. 277-312

Affiliations and Academic Responsibilities

Founding Member of the AIS Special Interest Group on Advances in Sourcing

Media and Communciations Director of the AIS Special Interest Group on Advances in Sourcing

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Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS)
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Tel: +33 1 34 43 32 41

ESSEC Business School
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