Radu Vranceanu
Professor, Economics Department

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General Information Research Areas Publications Teaching Other Activities
Doctorate in Economics, University of Paris II.
Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), University of Paris I.
DEA d'Economie Appliquée, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris.
Graduate degree in business and economics, ASE Bucarest.
Radu Vranceanu is Professor of Economics at the ESSEC Business School and research fellow at the THEMA (CNRS) research center. He holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Paris II, HDR, and is widely recognized as having special expertise in the theory of expectations and the analysis of informational inefficiencies, which he has applied to various fields including financial and exchange rate crises, monetary and public debt policies, research management, defense economics, labor contracts and managerial behavior. He is now a driver of research in experimental economics at ESSEC, where he carried out several studies in team production, gender issues, lies and deception, cooperation in public goods games. In 2000-2001 Radu Vranceanu worked for the UN Economic Commission for Europe; he also served as a Dean for Research of ESSEC Business School for many years. Since January 2020, he is the representative for scientific integrity of ESSEC.
Research Areas

Macroeconomics, Experimental economics, Labor economics 

 Theory of Expectations, Incentives, Imperfect information

  Financial and exchange rate crises, Development issues, Monetary policy

Geographical Areas

European Union and the Euro area

Central and Eastern Europe

Developping countries 

Academic Publications
  Economie Manageriale. (with M. Guyot). Paris (France)  : Gualino (Lextenso éditions), 2008
  Moral Foundations of Management Knowledge. (with ML. Djelic). Cheltenham (UK)  : Edward Elgar, 2007 (Edited book.)
  Ethical Boundaries of Capitalism. (with D. Daianu). Aldershot, Hampshire (Grande‑Bretagne)  : Ashgate, 2005 (E-book, 2011, Essec Publishing)
  Macroéconomie. Outils d'analyse, monnaie européenne et ouverture internationale. (with F. Contensou). 2d edition. Paris (France)  : Editions ESKA, 2003
  Introduction à la microéconomie des entreprises. (with M. Guyot). Paris (France)  : Dunod, 2002
  România si Uniunea Europeana. (with D. Daianu). Iasi (Roumanie)  : Polirom, 2002
  Working Time: Theory and Policy Implications. (with F. Contensou). CHELTENHAM (Angleterre)  : Edward ELGAR, 2000
  Introduction à la théorie macroéconomique. (with F. Contensou). Paris (France)  : Editions ESKA, 1996

  "A Global Game Model of Medical Project Crowdfunding" (D. Besancenot, R. Vranceanu), International Game Theory Review, Dec 2019, Vol. 1, Issue 1
  "Discontent with taxes and the timing of taxation: Experimental evidence" (R. Vranceanu, A. Sutan, D. Dubart), Revue Economique, Nov 2019, Vol. 70, Issue 6, p. 1227‑1239
  "An Attitude Model of Environmental Action: Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries" (C. Davino, V. Esposito Vinzi, E. Santacreu Vasut, R. Vranceanu), Social Indicators Research, Jun 2019, Vol. 143, Issue 2, p. 811‑838
  "Experimental Evidence on Bank Runs with Uncertain Deposit Coverage" (O. Peia, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Banking & Finance, Jun 2019, Vol. 106, Issue 3, p. 214‑223
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  "Willingness to compete: Between- and within-gender comparisons" (S. Jung, R. Vranceanu), Managerial and Decision Economics, Feb 2019, Vol. 40, Issue 3, p. 321‑335
  "Competitive Compensation and Subjective Well-being: The Effect of Culture and Gender Journal" (S. Jung, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Economic Psychology (The), Jan 2019, Vol. 70, Issue 1, p. 90‑108
  "'Facta non verba': An Experiment on Pledging and Giving" (G. Mateo, G. Grolleau, A. Sutan, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Economic Psychology (The), May 2018, Vol. 65, p. 1‑15
  "Group gender composition and economic decision-making: Evidence from the Kallystée business game" (K. Lamiraud, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Jan 2018, Vol. 145, Issue 1, p. 294‑305
  "The cost of capital in a model of financial intermediation with coordination frictions" (O. Peia, R. Vranceanu), Oxford Economic Papers, Jan 2018, Vol. 70, Issue 1, p. 266‑285
  "Experimental Evidence on Gender Differences in Lying Behaviour" (S. Jung, R. Vranceanu), Revue Economique, Jul 2017, Vol. 68, Issue 5, p. 80‑95
  "Gender Interaction in Teams: Experimental Evidence on Performance and Punishment Behavior" (S. Jung, R. Vranceanu), Korean Economic Review, Jun 2017, Vol. 33, Issue 1, p. 95‑126
  "The Legal Grounds of Irregular Migration: A Global Game Approach" (C. Naiditch, R. Vranceanu), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Apr 2017, Vol. 17, Issue 2
  "A model of scholarly publishing with hybrid academic journals" (D. Besancenot, R. Vranceanu), Theory and Decision, Jan 2017, Vol. 82, Issue 1 , p. 131‑150
  "Do People Contribute More to Intra-temporal or Inter-temporal Public Goods?" (A. Sutan, G. Grolleau, R. Vranceanu), Research in Economics, Mar 2016, Vol. 70, Issue 1, p. 186‑195
  "Lying about Delegation" (A. Sutan, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Feb 2016, Vol. 121, Issue 1, p. 29‑40
  "Team Production with Punishment Option: Insights from a Real Effort Experiment" (R. Vranceanu, F. El Ouardighi, D. Dubart), Managerial and Decision Economics, Aug 2015, Vol. 36, Issue 6, p. 408‑420
  "Fear of Novelty: A Model of Scientific Discovery with Strategic Uncertainty" (D. Besancenot, R. Vranceanu), Economic Inquiry, Jan 2015, Vol. 53, Issue 2, p. 1132‑1139
  "Experimental Evidence on the 'Insidious' Illiquidity Risk" (D. Besancenot, R. Vranceanu), Research in Economics, Dec 2014, Vol. 68, Issue 4, p. 315‑323
  "Corporate profit, entrepreneurship theory and business ethics" (R. Vranceanu, R. Vranceanu), Business Ethics: A European Review, Jan 2014, Vol. 23, Issue 1, p. 50‑68
  "Publish or Teach? Analysis of the Professor's Optimal Career Path" (F. El Ouardighi, K. Kogan, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Dec 2013, Vol. 37, Issue 10, p. 1995-2009
  "The Value of Lies in an Ultimatum Game with Imperfect Information" (D. Besancenot, D. Dubart, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Sep 2013, Vol. 93, p. 239‑247
  "A Note on Cooperative Strategies in Gladiators? Games" (R. Vranceanu, D. Bazin, J. Ballet), Games, May 2013, Vol. 4, Issue 2, p. 1‑7
  "The spending multiplier in a time of massive public debt: The Euro-area case" (R. Vranceanu, D. Besancenot), Applied Economic Letters, Mar 2013, Vol. 20, Issue 8, p. 758‑762
  "Knowledge in Economics and Economic Reform: An Analysis of Survey Data from a French Business School" (R. Vranceanu, J. Barthélemy), Revue Economique, Nov 2012, Vol. 63, Issue 6, p. 1193‑1208
  "Trust and financial trades: Lessons from an investment game where reciprocators can hide behind proababilities" (R. Vranceanu, A. Sutan, D. Dubart), Journal of Socio-Economics (The), Jan 2012, Vol. 41, Issue 1, p. 72‑78
  "Le jeu des gladiatores: Un spectacle de qualité" (J. Ballet, D. Bazin, R. Vranceanu), Mathematiques et Sciences Humaines, Dec 2011, Vol. 195, Issue 3, p. 75‑86
  "A matching model of the academic publication market" (D. Besancenot, K. Huynh, R. Vranceanu), Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Dec 2011, Vol. 167, Issue 4, p. 708‑725
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Working papers
  "A Two-country Model of High Skill Migration with Public Education" (C. Naiditch, R. Vranceanu). Essec Research Center, DR‑1301 Jan 13.
  "The Euro Sovereign Debt Crisis and the Built-in Instability of the Euro" (R. Vranceanu). Essec Research Center, DR‑1211 Dec 12.
  "The Spending Multiplier in a Time of Massive Public Debt: The Euro Area Case" (R. Vranceanu, D. Besancenot). Essec Research Center, DR‑1209 Jul 12.
  "The Value of Lies in a 'Power-to-take' Game with Imperfect Information" (D. Besancenot, D. Dubart, R. Vranceanu). Essec Research Center, DR‑1205 Mar 12.
  "Experimental Evidence on the 'Insidious' Illiquidity Risk" (R. Vranceanu, D. Besancenot). Essec Research Center, DR‑1107 Jun 11.
  "Can Incentives for Research Harm Research? A Business Schools Tale" (D. Besancenot). Essec Research Center, DR‑06003 Feb 06.

Other Publications
Press articles
  "Crise financière, dette et avenir". Le, 05 Sep 2011, p. 1-2
  "Pourquoi il faut renforcer la concurrence bancaire". Les Echos, 22 Apr 2008, p. 17-17
  "US policymakers could learn from ECB". Financial Times, 07 Apr 2008, p. 10-10
  "America exporta criza financiara". Saptamina Financiara, 10 Sep 2007, p. 10-10
  "O furtuna financiara in luna august". Saptamina Financiara, 27 Aug 2007, p. 15-15
  "Le contrat de travail unique". Le Figaro, 01 Mar 2007, p. 14-14
  "Recherche en management; quels enjeux ?". Reflets Magazine, 14 Aug 2006, p. 30-31
  "La TVA à la carte". Monde (Le), 26 Feb 2004
  "L'impasse académique française". Monde (Le), 29 Nov 2003
  "Les 35 heures ou le discours sans la méthode". Monde (Le), 10 Oct 2003
  "Etats-Unis : une récession sans inflation ?". Figaro (Le), 01 Jun 2001
  "Pourquoi des entreprises profitables licencient-elles ?". Echos (Les), 16 May 2001
  "French in a State Over Danone Closures". Financial Times, 16 Apr 2001
  "Les lois Aubry ou les voiles de l'économie". Echos (Les), 05 Jun 2000

Teaching at ESSEC

Undergraduate courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, European Economics

Graduate courses (MBA): Short-term Economic Analysis, Labor Economics, Economic Analysis for Business

Students seminar, PhD Programme, Economics Track

Labor Economics (Part I), PhD Programme, Economics Track

Executive programmes

Affiliations and Academic Responsibilities

Research fellow with THEMA (UMR 8184) CNRS - University Cergy-Pontoise.

Expert think-tank: GénérationLibre

Formely Board of Directors of the International Trade and Finance Association (US, Ohio State University):

President Elect of the ITFA (2010-2011).

December 2015 - December 2019:  member of the WES Expert Group (Economic Analysis

Academic membership: Association Française d'Economie Experimentale, European Economic Association.

Supervised the PhD disertations of Christian Ben Lakhdar, Michael Mangot, Katarzina Romaniuk, Claire Naiditch, Emmanuel Valat, Oana Peia.

Ad hoc referee for: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Labour Economics, Revue d'Economie Politique, Economic Systems, Journal of Bhaviorla and Experimental Economics, Plos-One, Nature Human Behavior, Review of International Economics, Business Ethics: a European Journal, Ecology and Economics, Business and Society,...

Consulting & Other Activities

A series of opinion papers with Marc Guyot in La Tribune (online economic journal) - 2012 to date.

2001 : IER and World Bank supported project : Romanian Monetary Policy 1995-2001  

2002 : IER and EU financed project: Deregulating International Movements of Capital in Romania

2003-2004 : IER and EU financed project: "Romanian monetary policy and institutions: meeting the EU challenge"
2005 : Financing defense firms in France (and Europe), a study under the coordination of M. Guille et J. Belin, Paris 2 University, financed by the French Ministry of Defence
2006 : Independent Expert for the European Commission and the OSB Consulting (Austria) - Peer Review on "Incentives for indefinite contracts in Spain". See:

Professional Experience

2001-2007 and 2009-2014:  Dean for Research, ESSEC Business School

2002-2012: Member of the Board of Directors of the ESSEC Business School

2000-2001: Economic Affairs Officer, UNECE, Economic Analysis Division, Geneva. Contributed to the Economic Survey on Europe 2000 and 2001.

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