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Emeritus Professor, Accounting and Management Control Department

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General Information Publications Other Activities
Ph.D., London School of Economics
M. Sc. Accounting & Finance, London School of Economics
B.A. French, German, Economics, London University, External
FCCA Chartered Certified Accountant
Academic Publications
  Global Financial Accounting and Reporting. (with W. Aerts). 4th edition. Andover (UK)  : Cengage Learning, 2017
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Other Publications
Press articles
  "Pourquoi les banques espagnoles résistent mieux ?". La Tribune, 01 Apr 2009, p. P11
  "The Role of the IASB". Review 2001 UNCTAD, 01 Jan 2003

Book reviews
  "Financial Reporting and Global Capital Markets : a History of the IASC, 1973-2000". (K. Camfferman, S. Zeff) Accounting History, 2008, vol. Volume 13, Issue 3e, p. 387-390
  "Worldwide Financial Reporting, the Development and Future of Accounting Standards". (G. Benston, M. Bromwich, R. Litan, A. Wagenhofer) European Accounting Review, 2007, vol. 16, p. 22-229

Scientific Activities
Editorial Board Membership
  Accounting in Europe, Taylor & Francis
  Review of Economic & Business Studies, FEAA

Professional Experience
Visiting Professor, Université Paris IX-Dauphine.
Adviser, UN intergovernmental working froup of experts on international standards of accounting and reporting (ISAR)
Editor, World Accounting Report.
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