Marie-Léandre Gomez
Associate Professor, Accounting and Management Control Department

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PhD in management. University of Paris Nanterre.

Master in Research, University of Paris Dauphine.

ESSEC Grande Ecole (MSc in Management).

Research Areas

Organizational dynamics, learning and creative processes.

Practice-based approaches, processual views.


Professional organizations: haute cuisine restaurants, hospitals, police SWAT

On-going Projects

 - With Isabelle Bouty (PSL - U of Paris Dauphine) : creative practices in Haute Cuisine; coordination and in-situ organization of work ; The impact of Michelin Red Guide on chefs' activity.

- With Marion Ligonie (IESEG): the development of CSR practices in French hospitals.

- With Marie Kerveillant : coordination and learning practices of medical teams in disasters contexts.

- With Donoxti Baylon (Grenoble EM) and Davide Nicolini (Warwick U): The role of the practice of writing in organizing an occupational community: the case of diplomatic correspondence and French diplomats

Academic Publications
  "Strategy emergence as wayfinding" (I. Bouty, ML. Gomez, R. Chia), m@n@gement (Revue Electronique), Issue 3 forthcoming July 2019
  "Keys to successful implementation of a French national quality indicator in health care organizations: a qualitative study" (M. Waelli, ML. Gomez, C. Sicotte, A. Zicari, JY. Bonnefond, P. Lorino, E. Minvielle), BMC Health Services Research, Oct 2016, Vol. 16, Issue 553, p. 1‑9
  "Creativity in Haute Cuisine: Strategic Knowledge and Practice in Gourmet Kitchens" (I. Bouty, ML. Gomez), Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, Feb 2013, Vol. 11, Issue 1, p. 80‑95
  "L?usage des indicateurs de performance sur la qualité-sécurité des soins : le cas de l?indicateur de tenue du dossier anesthésique" (ML. Gomez, M. Waelli, A. Zicari, JY. Bonnefond, P. Lorino, C. Sicotte, E. Minvielle), Journal d'Economie Médicale, Issue 7-8
  "De la France au monde. Le Guide Michelin, vecteur du rayonnement de la marque France ?" (C. Drucker‑Godard, I. Bouty, ML. Gomez), Revue Française de Gestion, Nov 2011, Vol. 37, Issue 218/219, p. 53‑66
  "The Emergence of an influential practice: Food for thought" (ML. Gomez, I. Bouty), Organization Studies, Jul 2011, Vol. 32, Issue 7, p. 921‑940
  "Dishing up individual and collective dimensions in organizational knowing" (I. Bouty, ML. Gomez), Management Learning, Nov 2010, Vol. 41, Issue 5, p. 545‑559
  "Des ressources à la pratique : analyse de la stratégie légumière dans le champ de la haute cuisine" (I. Bouty, ML. Gomez), Revue Française de Gestion, May 2010, Vol. 2010, Issue 203, p. 149‑161
  "Il n'y a pas de stratégie sans stratège" (E. Fimbel), Expansion Management Review (L'), Sep 2003, Issue 110, p. 87‑94
  "La planificacion y el aprendizaje organizativo: el ejemplo de EDF GDF SERVICES en Francia" (ML. Gomez), Harvard Deusto. Finanzas & Contabilidad, Jan 2003, Issue 56

  A Bourdieusian perspective on studying creativity. In: Handbook of Research Methods on Creativity (with I. Bouty). : Edward Elgar publishers, Viktor Dörfler, Mark Stierand. 2019, p. 1-20
  The Creative Leadership Practices of Haute Cuisine Chefs. In: Creative Leadership Contexts and Prospects (with I. Bouty, M. Stierand). : Routledge, Charalampos Mainemelis, Olga Epitropaki, Ronit Kark. 2018, p. 156-170
  A Bourdieusian perspective on strategizing. In: Cambridge Handbook of Strategy as Practice. Cambridge (UK) : Cambridge University Press, Golsorkhi, D. , Rouleau, L. , Seidl, D. , Vaara, E. . 2015, p. 184-198
  Sociomateriality and the transnational expansion of soft regulation: Michelin in haute cuisine around the world.. In: Materiality, Rules and Regulation New Trends in Management and Organization Studies (with I. Bouty, C. Drucker-Godard). Basingstoke, Hampshire (UK) : Palgrave-Macmillan, Lanzara, F., Vaujany (de), F-X, Mitev, N., Mukherjee, A.. 2015, p. 267-292
  Creativity at Work: Generating Useful Novelty in Haute Cuisine Restaurants. In: The Emergence of Novelty in Organizations (with I. Bouty). Oxford (UK) : Oxford University Press, Raghu Garud, Barbara Simpson, Ann Langley, Haridimos Tsoukas. 2015, p. 216-241
  A Bourdieusian Perspective on Strategizing. In: The Cambridge Handbook of Strategy-as-practice. Cambridge (UK) : Cambridge University Press, Damon Golsorkhi, Linda Rouleau, David Seidl, Eero Vaara. 2010, p. 141-154
  La Fabrique de la stratégie dans la dynamique Champ-habitus-pratique. In: La fabrique de la stratégie: une perspective multidimensionnelle. Paris (France) : Vuibert, Damon Golsorkhi. 2006, p. 65-79
  Developing Knowing in Practice: Behind the Scenes of Haute Cuisine. In: Knowing in Organizations: A Practice-based Approach (with I. Bouty, C. Drucker-Godard). New-York (Etats-Unis) : M.E. Sharpe, NICOLINI D., GHERARDI S., YANOW D.. 2003
  Identification des compétences clés dans les Grands Restaurants. In: Perspectives en Management Stratégique (with I. Bouty, C. Drucker-Godard). Paris (France) : Editions EMS, DOSTALER I, LAROCHE H,. 2002

Professional Publications
  "Gérer la mise en tension brutale des structures hospitalières" (M. Langlois, ML. Gomez, M. Kerveillant, M. Borel), Gestions Hospitalières, Apr 2020, Issue 595
  "Décider d'externaliser" (ML. Gomez, ), Gestions Hospitalières, May 2019, Vol. 2019, Issue 586, p. 271‑274

Other Publications
Press articles
  "Contrôleurs de gestion, soyez les boussoles dans la crise". Echos (Les), 27 Apr 2020, p. 1-1
  "Dans les marmites de l'innovation". Les Echos / L'art de l'innovation, 01 Jun 2006, p. 2-3

Teaching at ESSEC


ESSEC pre-Ms (1st year ESSEC Grande Ecole): pedagogical head of Consulting track, programme Expérience Projet.

ESSEC MSc : course coordinator for the core course in management control (CPT 148); managing plans and projects (CPT 222) and pre-refresher in accounting (CPT 080/081). 

PhD in Management : qualitative research methods seminar (grounded theory ; abductive approach); management control options (practice-based approach on planning and budgeting; knowledge dynamics) 

Executive Education : Academic director of various intra-company programs in healthcare; co-head of Management Général Hospitalier; 

Scientific Activities
Conference Presentations

 Organization of Conferences

2017: EGOS colloquium: “Dynamics of Practices, Knowledge and Work in Healthcare Organizations” track convenor (with Davide Nicolini, Warwick University, and Trish Reay, Alberta University).

2017: 7th Organization, Artefact, Practice Workshop, member of the scientific committee and organization committee (with F-X de Vaujany, Dauphine; Julien Malaurent and Philippe Lorino, ESSEC), ESSEC Asia Pacific, June 2017.

2016: EURAM Paris, Co-chair of the Healthcare Track (with Robert Fernandez, U. of Birmingham, AL)

2011: The Hidden side of creativity, conference at ESSEC Business School, co-organized with M-L Djelic and S. Sgourev

2008: member of the scientific committee and organizing committe of AFC conference at ESSEC Business School.  


Invited speaker

March 2019:Grenoble Ecole de Management; 

July 2017: Key-Note speaker for the Strategy-as-Practice PDW, EGOS conference.

May 2017:invited for research presentation at King's College London.

Dec. 2016 : invited for research presentation at Warwick University.

May 2012: invited for research presentation at ESADE, Barcelona.  

Professional Experience

 Visiting researcher at King’s College University, Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, Management Department (Jan-July 2017)

Visiting researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Accounting Department (Oct-Dec. 2016) 


Assistant professor then associate professor at ESSEC Business School since September 2003.  


Assistant professor, Reims Management School (2002-2003) , lecturer, ESCP-EAP ; H.E.C. (2002-2003) 

Lecturer, University of Paris X-Nanterre (allocataire-moniteur 1995-1998; A.T.E.R. 1999-2001) 

Visiting researcher (pre and post doct fellow), ESADE, Barcelona, (2001-2002) 

Visiting doctoral student, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1998-1999)

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