Junko Takagi
Teaching Professor, Management Department
Chair of Leadership & Diversity

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Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
General Information Research Areas Publications Other Activities
Ph.D., Stanford University
AM, Stanford University
MA, University of British Columbia
BA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Research Areas
Social Psychology: decision-making and evaluation processes in small groups, gender and ethnicity, issues of legitimacy, methodology. Organizations: organizational change in volatile environments, professional organizations.

Health care (comparative - U.S., Japan, France), professions (physicians, accountants, lawyers), established sectors with turbulent environments (e.g. telecommunications, aerospace, health care).

On-going Projects
Reorganization of physician work in the U.S.: investigation of changes in physician work as consequence of disturbances in the health care environment.

Resistance to change: institutional and cultural explanations of resistance to change in organizations.
Academic Publications
  "Pour une approche sociologique de la "diversité"" (J. Takagi), la revue internationale et stratégique , May 2009, Vol. Spring 2009, Issue 73, p. 109‑112

  The Construction of Workplace Identities for Women: Some Reflections on the Impact of Female Quotas and Role Models. In: Diversity Quotas, Diverse Perspectives: The Case of Gender (with S. Moteabbed). Farnham (Royaume-Uni) : Stefan Gröschl, Junko Takagi, 2012, p. 149-158
  Introduction: Gender Quotas in Management. In: Diversity Quotas, Diverse Perspectives: The Case of Gender. Farnham (Royaume-Uni) : Stefan Gröschl, Junko Takagi, 2012, p. 1-7
  Multicultural Identities and Culture Work. In: Diversity in the Workplace. Farnham - Surrey (England) : Gower Applied Business Research, Stefan Gröschl. 2011, p. 79-88
  The Challenge of Diversity: examples from France. In: Going Diverse: Innovative Answers to Future Challenges. Opladen, Farmington Hill (Allemagne, Etats-Unis) : Carmen Leicht-Scholten, Elke Breuer, Nathalie Tulodetzki, Andrea Worlffram, 2011, p. 77-87
  Internationalizing French Management Education: A Contextual Analysis of Strategies in French Business Schools. In: The Cutting Edged of International Management Education (with J. Cerdin). Greenwich, Connecticut (USA) : Information Age Publishing, WANKEL C., De FILLIPPI R.. 2004
  The Ephemeral National Model of Management Education: A Comparative Study of Five Management Programmes in France. In: Inside the Business Schools (with L. Carlo (de)). Oslo, Malmo, Copenhagen (Norway,Sweden,Denmark) : Abstrackt, Liber, Copengagen Business School Press, AMDAM R.P., KVALSHANGEN R., LARSEN E.. 2003

Working papers
  "Physician Mobility and Attitudes across Organizational Work Settings between 1987 and 1991." (J. Takagi). Essec Research Center, DR‑99002 Jan 99.
  "Changes in Institutioinal Logics in the US. Health Care Sector: A Discourse Analysis" (J. Takagi). Essec Research Center, DR‑98047 Dec 98.
  "Changing Policies and Professionals: A Symbolic Framework Approach to Organizational Effects on Physician Autonomy" (J. Takagi). Essec Research Center, DR‑98048 Dec 98.
  "Uncertainty, Symbolic Frameworks and Worker Discomfort with Change" (M. Alles). Essec Research Center, DR‑98050 Dec 98.

Other Publications
Press articles
  "L'évolution du management des médecins américains". Revue Française de Gestion (La), 01 Nov 2006, p. 55-82
  "Kiro ni Tatsu Beikoku no Koureisha Iryou Seisaku". Nenkin to Koyo, 01 Jan 1993, p. 32-40
  "Race Against Time: The Impending Crisis - Long Term Care for the Elderly in the United States". Iryo to Shakai, 01 Jan 1992, p. 109-139
  "Ethnicity, Task Outcomes, and Attributions: A Theoretical Review and Assessment". Advances in Group Processes: A Research Annual, 01 Jan 1991, p. 177-203
  "Explaining the Underrepresentation of Women Authors of Journal Articles". Technoscience, 01 Jan 1990, p. 29-30

Scientific Activities
Conference Presentations
  "The Evolution of Content in Management Education in France, 1960-2000: The Relationship between Environmental Factors and Five Institutions", (with L. Carlo (de)). The Content of Management Education in Europe Workshop, Paris, France, 05 May 2000
  "Information Uncertainly and Reactions to Change Implementation", (with M. Alles). Management Accounting Research Conference, Memphis (Tennessee), Etats-Unis, 31 Oct 1997
"The Crisis of Professionals: The Effects of Organizational Diversification on Physician Autonomy and Satisfaction, An Institutional Perspective." Presented
at the 18th meeting of the Asilomar Organizational Conference, Pacific Grove, California, 1995.
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