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Professor, Management Department
Deputy Dean ESSEC Asia Pacific, Global MBA Academic Director

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Ph.D. Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington

M.A. Industrial Psychology, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai, India

B.A. Psychology with Honors in Sociology, St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai, India

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Research Areas

Mentoring, developmental relationships, career attainment, and associated diversity-related issues; Person-environment fit; Cross-cultural OBHR (Integrative research on cross-cultural management and psychology, social psychology, and mainstream OBHR)

Academic Publications
  "Managing the Self-Esteem, Employment Gaps, and Employment Quality Process: The Role of Facilitation- and Understanding-Based Emotional Intelligence" (J. Rode, M. Arthaud‑Day, S. Dust, A. Ramaswami), Journal of Organisational Behavior, Issue 00
  "A time-lagged study of emotional intelligence and salary" (J. Rode, M. Arthaud‑Day, A. Ramaswami, S. Culbertson), Journal of Vocational Behavior, Aug 2017, Vol. 101 , Issue -, p. 77‑89
  "A Half-Century Post-Title VII: Still Seeking Pathways for Women to Organizational Leadership" (A. Ramaswami, T. Dworkin, C. Schipani), UCLA Women's Law Journal, Sep 2016, Vol. 23, Issue 1, p. 29‑78
  "Expatriation and career success: A human capital perspective" (A. Ramaswami, N. Carter, G. Dreher), Human Relations, May 2016, Vol. doi: 10.1177/0018726716630390, Issue x, p. 1‑29
  "Indian employees' attitudes towards poaching" (S. Kumar, K. Savani, A. Sanghai, S. Pochkhanawall, S. Dhar, A. Ramaswami, H. Markus), Business Perspectives and Research, Apr 2015, Vol. 3, Issue 2, p. 81‑94
  "Mentoring across cultures: The role of gender and marital status in Taiwan and the U.S." (A. Ramaswami, JC. Huang, G. Dreher), Journal of Business Research, Apr 2014, Vol. xx, Issue xx, p. xx‑xx
  "Ethics trumps culture? A cross-national study of csr perceptions regarding employee downsizing" (L. C, A. Ramaswami, R. Alas, J. Kabongo, J. Pandian), Journal of Business Ethics, Oct 2013, Vol. x, Issue x, p. x‑x
  "The role of networks, mentors and the law in overcoming barriers to organizational leadership for women with children" (T. Dworkin, A. Ramaswami, C. Schipani), Michigan Journal of Gender and Law, Jul 2013, Vol. 20 Issue 1, Issue 1, p. 83‑x
  "Interaction of Gender, Mentoring, and Power Distance on Career Attainment: A Cross-Cultural Comparison" (A. Ramaswami, JC. Huang, G. Dreher), Human Relations, Issue xx
  "Linking Distributive and Procedural Justice to Employee Engagement Through Social Exchange: A Field Study in India" (S. Biswas, A. Varma, A. Ramaswami), International Journal of Human Resource Management, Issue XX
  "Expatriate categorization and evaluation: An empirical Investigation in Poland and India. " (A. Varma, J. Grodzicki, S. Pichler, S. Kupferer, A. Ramaswami), European Journal of International Management, Jan 2012, Vol. 6, Issue 1, p. 63‑82
  "The interactive effects of gender and mentoring on career attainment: Making the case for female lawyers." (A. Ramaswami, G. Dreher, R. Bretz, C. Wiethoff), Journal of Career Development, Dec 2010, Vol. 37, p. 692‑716
  "Mentoring relationships in India: A qualitative exploratory study" (A. Ramaswami, G. Dreher), Human Resource Management, May 2010, Vol. 49, Issue 3, p. 501
  "Gender, mentoring and career success: The importance of organizational context. " (A. Ramaswami, G. Dreher, R. Bretz, C. Wiethoff), Personnel Psychology, May 2010, Vol. 63, Issue 2, p. 385‑405

  Fitting person-environment fit theories into a cultural context. . In: New directions in person-environment fit. (with YT. Lee, ). Amy Kristof-Brown, Jon Billsberry. 2012
  Fitting person-environment fit theories into a national cultural context. In: Organizational fit: Key issues and new directions (with YT. Lee). A. Kristof-Brown, J. Billsberry. 2012, p. 222-240
  The benefits associated with workplace mentoring relationships.. In: Handbook of mentoring: A multiple perspectives approach (with G. Dreher). : Wiley-Blackwell, 2007, p. 211-231

Other Publications
Articles published in conference proceedings
  "A cross-cultural examination of the relationship between mentor-protege similarity and mentoring relationship quality in India and the U.S.", With G. Dreher. In : Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Management, Indian Academy of Management. : Indian Academy of Management, 2009
  "Indian employees' attitudes towards poaching", With S. Kumar, K. Savani, A. Sanghai, S. Pochakanawalla, S. Dhar, A. Ramaswami, H. Markus. In : Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Management, Indian Academy of Management. : Indian Academy of Management, 2009
  "Effects of mentoring relationship characteristics and cultural values on career outcomes among Taiwanese professionals.", With JC. Huang, G. Dreher. In : AHRD Proceedings, 4th Asian Conference of the Academy of HRD. Taipei (Taiwan) : AHRD, 2005
  "Career attainment among Taiwanese professionals: The role of mentoring and cultural values. ", With JC. Huang, G. Dreher. In : IHRM Proceedings, International Human Resource Management Conference 2005. Cairns (Australia) : IHRM, 2005

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