International negotiation

 This short course is taught in English

It is common knowledge that cultural differences affect how we interact with others in business… but what is culture exactly, and how does it impact negotiation? This seminar will lead you to an overall awareness of your own culture and will enable you to be more precise about the different dimensions of culture - from one region or country to another – while helping you to avoid simplifications, clichés and stereotypes. With this seminar you will understand when and how cultural differences are likely to influence the different dimensions of a negotiation - the people, problems and processes. Armed with that understanding, your awareness, preparation and strategy will be enhanced when you are faced with negotiators from cultures and regions different from your own, from your ability to anticipate and react, to your negotiation flexibility.

Tarif: € 2,000 (excl. VAT)

Duration: 2 days
Date: November, 8 & 9, 2021
Language: English
Location: CNIT, Paris la Défense
Format: Full Time and Part time

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