Mastering Digital Business Models

At a period when most companies are digitizing their business procedures, this is our duty, as a pioneering and leading business school, to provide a bundle of courses and real case studies on the topic of digital transformation.

This certificate is the third in a series of seven composing the Digital Transformation track. It goes deep into the topic of digital transformation and innovation. For that, ESSEC professors have designed an Online Executive Certificate that will teach you how to master digital business models. You’ll explore the impact of digital technology on society at large, as well as the essentials of a platform-based approach, for learning how your business and its employees stay ahead of the curve. You know that the digitization of business is happening now. Hot topics like Mastering Digital Business Models - from design to responsible governance, will give you the right skills to lead your business in this digital era. Moreover the advent of AI and uberization, GAFAM and BATX growing socio-economic power will bring both challenge and opportunity to the business you work for. Such change also call for strong business model along with a responsible leadership. Through this certificate we provide solid strategic foundations along with operational skills for managers whose businesses are undergoing a digital transformation.

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Date: English // 8 weeks // Eligible for CPF Fees: €4,500 excl. tax
Format: Online

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