Design Thinking and Agile Methods

During a time when most companies are digitising their business procedures, we consider it our duty as a pioneering and leading business school to provide a bundle of courses and real case studies on the topic of digital transformation. This certificate is the second in a series of seven which make up the Executive Master in Digital Transformation. 

For that, ESSEC professors have designed an Executive Certificate involving practical training, to achieve the depth of focus you need in areas like design and agile thinking. You’ll learn how to transform your organization thanks to methods like Design Thinking and Scrum which combined together offer a perfect framework to introduce and orchestrate ideation, as well as agility through transformative processes with all your collaborators on board.

Through this certificate we provide you solid foundations on those existing and forthcoming technologies.

Discover our 100% online certificate now 

Duration: 8 Weeks
Date: October 4, 2021
Language: English
Format: Online

Discover now our 100% online certificate

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