Executive Master in Real Estate Management




  • Develop managerial competencies and skills in the field of real estate: investments, transactions, promotions, administration of property, operation management, technical and economic property assets, leading operations.
  • Learn more about the challenges in managing a real estate company
  • Integrate new technologies in the real estate managing approach
  • Develop project management skills through several group projects and build a learning community

The RICS certification

The Executive Master in Real Estate Management is an RICS accredited course. Becoming “Chartered Surveyors” requires a compilation of academic knowledge and the concrete experience of Real Estate. This versatility and open mind allow the “Chartered Surveyors” to offer their clients a high added-value, whether they are owners, investors or property developers.


The Executive Master in Real Estate Management is composed of 58 days of training, spread over 13 months (2 days every 15 days).
Compatible with your professional life, this program is organized in two stages:

  • a tree days full-time seminar dedicated to team building and mastering the digital tools used in the program
  • a part-time training cycle
  • 3 intensive weeks
  • 4 days for the Construction Technology module

All courses take place on the ESSEC campuses (CNIT, Paris-La Défense and Cergy-Pontoise).

Professional thesis

To validate their diploma, each participant carries out a professional thesis and supports it in front of a jury, at the latest 24 months after the beginning of the program. An expert ESSEC professor follows each participant individually throughout the production of the thesis.

The thesis leads to concrete solutions or recommendations and allows the candidate to be valued on several points:

  • his academic and managerial knowledge acquired throughout the training;
  • his ability to conduct a complex study;
  • his analytical and synthetic mindset;
  • his ability to be proactive facing global business challenges.

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