Executive Master in Luxury Management

The necessary luxury for your career development

The Executive Master in Luxury Management is offered in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management  to provide participants a range of opportunities, contacts and experiences.

The Executive Master in Luxury Management is a post-experience, modular executive program, taught over 13 months, spread over 5 cities. Participants will, without much work disruption, start opening doors they never knew existed and acquiring know-how increasing their competencies, helping them successfully meet professional and personal goals.

Drive your company on the road to Luxury
Participants in EMiLUX will boost their skills and self-confidence, grow rapidly towards becoming more significant contributors in their companies, may create their own companies by taking advantage of the entrepreneurial projects as well as stronger and more internationally-oriented business leaders.

A jewel for your career
The Executive Master in Luxury Management aims to train managers and future leaders who want to know the codes of this specific industry by providing them with a comprehensive framework of the luxury value-chain.

Join us on this learning journey to broaden your skills and:

  • Become an executive in luxury business with enhanced perspectives.
  • Develop a deeper knowledge of international luxury market codes with a broadened mindset
  • Make a career switch towards the luxury sector
  • Experience top ranked Schools with worldwide connections


7 modules for 7 paradoxes:

  • Introduction to the Business of Luxury (Paris) - Managers need to manage the business of creating desire for timeless brands while making them relevant to the modern customer.
  • Value Creation in Luxury Markets (Milano) - Managers of luxury business have to ensure high profitability while ensuring that high growth occurs in the globalized market space.
  • Go to Market (Dubai) - Managers of the luxury business need to ensure the brand becomes desirable and sells more, but the more the brand sells the less desirable it becomes.
  • Structuring and managing the value-chain (Milano) - With today’s growing complexity of business, the operational value chain and synergy across the highly diversified personal luxury goods segment needs to be addressed and managed.
  • Advanced Luxury Retail Management (Paris) - Managers working in the luxury industry need to be aligned with the omnichannel paradox of digital and brick-and-mortar stores; strategies must indicate how many stores there should be, where to locate them, when to launch them and how to reach consumers in this digital world.
  • Expansion of new Luxury Markets (Singapore) - Managers need to protect heritage brands and markets while expanding into new markets, which in turn requires developing new business opportunities and models.
  • Strategic Diagnosis and Business Opportunities (Mumbai) - Managers need to conserve French and Italian savoir-faire while catering to global consumers with increasing disposable income.

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