Executive Master in Luxury Management

The necessary luxury for your career development

Key Benefits

1. The Executive Master in Luxury Management is offered in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management to provide participants a range of opportunities, contacts and experiences

2. Managing Luxury Challenges - EMiLUX has been designed with utmost care, as a program which will transmit to its participants the skills and abilities essential for managing today’s luxury challenges; how to blend both modern aspirations and timeless aspects; how to leverage aesthetics, creativity, processes, and business models.

3. Training future Luxury Leaders - Live, experience , develop global perspective, a more strategic mindset and a deeper knowledge of international luxury markets.

3. European Heritage and Asian Insights - Participants will discover, through industry experts and real life cases presented in the program, the careful blending of commitment to heritage and passion for modernity. Participants will be exposed to the high growth market of Dubai and to the lure of the middle-east.

4. Five Cities : Paris, Milano, Dubai, Singapore, MumbaiEMiLUX showcases the academic excellence and international faculty of two of the world’s leading luxury and fashion management institutions, and presents five countries’ spin on completely different and new markets, new business models and emerging brands.

5. Two Lifetime Institutions’ and Alumni NetworksParticipants joining this program will enjoy privileged access to opportunities in the luxury management field through its conferences and tours, and via the networks of its two top Business Schools, recognized leaders in luxury education.

Program at a glance
Duration 13 months Date Fall 2020 Language English Location CNIT, Paris la Défense, Milan, Italy, Dubai, Mumbai, India and Singapore Average age 37 years old
Class size 40 participants Average experience 6 years

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