ESSEC Executive MBA

Expertise, exploration, entrepreneurship

What you Get from the Program

Our objective is to empower you to achieve your goals, both personal and professional, to reveal the leader and entrepreneur you aim to become.

Throughout the course of the ESSEC Executive MBA program, you will:

  • expand your general management knowledge,
  • gain international experience through global study trips,
  • train to become a successful leader, and
  • advance your personal development.

An Executive-Friendly Format

The ESSEC EMBA program is designed to minimize time spent away from home or work. You will have in total 66 program days, every 2 weeks, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays:

  • total days of coursework: 66
  • total calendar weekdays (no weekends): 54
  • total calendar days (including coaching, etc): 81

Starting an Entrepreneurial Journey...

The ESSEC EMBA helps you to develop a 360 degree global view of business and expertise in all corporate functions. During the program, you can test an entrepreneurial idea thanks to the Entrepreneurial Project (EP).

The Entrepreneurial Project (EP) is designed to promote innovation and to put into practice new skills developed in the classroom. It enables participants to test an entrepreneurial idea through the creation of a new business or the development of a product or market in an existing company.

Being Part of a Global Community

By joining the program, you will also learn to work effectively in teams and in an environment with a high level of diversity and cultural differences. Moreover, you will create a valuable and lasting network of business partners and friends.

With more than 62,000 alumni in 65 capital cities, ESSEC is proud of its strong and influential network of alumni worldwide. Our alumni also find value in strengthening their network and widening their career opportunities through their associations within an active alumni community.

Program Certifications and Degrees

  • MBA degree from ESSEC Business School
  • Recognized Bac+5 degree (“Grade Master”) from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation*

*The ESSEC Executive MBA program awards a recognised BAC+5 degree (“Grade Master”). Authorisation was delivered following assessment by the national Management Programs Assessment Commission (CEDFG) for a renewable period. This Commission undertakes assessment for all programs, delivered by business schools that are recognised by the French State, to guarantee the quality of teaching delivered and the value of their degree.(RNCP: RNCP28687)


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The Executive MBA Team

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