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A unique learning experience designed to prepare senior leaders to adapt to the challenges of the new economy.

Program fees

Program fees: SGD 94,000 (inclusive of GST)

An administrative fee of SGD 9,400 (inclusive of GST) applies. The administrative fee is then deducted from your tuition fees. The program fees cover tuition, all course material, and accommodation for the two international residencies. The program fees can be paid in 3 installments in September, February, and June.

Application deadline: Rolling Admissions


ESSEC Asia-Pacific is committed to providing high-quality business education to outstanding individuals.

Diversity Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded to meritorious candidates in each class whose background, work experience, achievements, and personal profile contribute to the breadth and depth of ‘diversity’ at the school. There will be balanced considerations of both merit and financial needs. This award is open to all nationalities.
Value of the Award: Up to 7,000 SGD

Application Deadline
ESSEC Executive MBA Asia-Pacific Diversity Scholarships are limited in number, and there is significant competition for each award. We encourage early application online.

Download the Diversity Scholarship application form HERE

Singaporean Future Leader Scholarship

The Singaporean Future Leader Scholarship is awarded to three (3) Singaporean candidates based on merit and the quality of his/her essay. It will be on a first come first served basis.  
Value of the Award: 5,000 SGD for each qualified candidate 

Download the Singaporean Future Leader Scholarship application form HERE

First Mover Offer

The First Mover Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of applicants who have accepted the admission offer and made the first payment before 31 March for the October 2020 intake. The award is open to all nationalities. 
Value of the award: 10,000 SGD 

Early Bird Offer

The Early Bird Scholarship will be awarded to a limited number of applicants who have accepted the admission offer and made the first payment before 30 June for the October 2020 intake. This award is open to all nationalities.
Value of the Award: 6,000 SGD

Important note: Scholarships offered to qualified candidates are non-cumulative

Who can apply?

> Senior executives with at least eight (8) years of professional experience, including three (3) years of managerial experience.

> A good academic degree from a reputable institution (there is an additional process in place for non-degree holders)

> A track record showcasing excellent work performance and leadership potential

> Very good command of the English language (program entirely taught in English)

Admission schedule

Next EMBA program intake in October 2020

The selection process

i. One-to-one discussion

Please contact Mr. Marc Nerva at for a one-to-one discussion.

ii. Online Application

Please complete your online application for the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific here.

**Kindly contact us for a one-to-one discussion before starting your online application.**

Upload Your Supporting Documentation

1 - Download the Company Support Form HERE

2 - Download the Reference Form HERE

The following supporting documents must be included in your application. Please attach your supporting documents via the online application system.

iii. Admission Jury

Shortlisted candidates are invited to attend their official Jury in Singapore or via video conference, during which candidates will have the chance to present themselves in person, and go deeper into their motivations for attending the program.

iv. Application review by Admissions Committee

Candidates will be notified of the outcome 1-2 days after the Jury. Candidates who receive their acceptance package will have two weeks to sign and return it before the offer of acceptance is withdrawn.

Talk to our advisor

Marc Nerva
Marc Nerva

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