Talent Center, the new digital platform that helps and guides professionals towards the construction of their education paths

17-03-2021 / ESSEC Executive Education
Talent Center, the new digital platform that helps and guides professionals towards the construction of their education paths

Loyal to the promise of personalized guidance, ESSEC Executive Education inaugurated its new, digital platform this year, called Talent Center.

Renowned internationally, and ranked 5th in the world by The Financial Times, ESSEC’s Executive Education campus strengthens its position as an institution of excellence, by proposing a complete, personalized experience, combining premium guidance and individual coaching, to align professionals and managers with the Executive program that best suits their needs and expectations. Claire Demoulin, Admission Manager & Talent Advisor, talks to us about the platform in detail. 

What’s the Talent Center (TC) all about?

Claire DThe Talent Center is a premium, digital platform that was conceived especially for ESSEC Executive Education, and which offers complete, personalized guidance to our candidates.

This innovative platform combines the latest advances in the field of psychometrics with an artificial intelligence engine, and the guidance experience proposed by ESSEC, to offer a unique experience to our Executive Education candidates. The platform also allows them to build, with the help of a guide, known as the “Talent Advisor”, the Education path that, not only fits best their profile and previous experience, but also their personality and their motivation.

By having this exchange with a Talent Advisor, candidates will be able to better reflect on their choice, and it will provide them with details on their personality, in order to offer programs that meet their needs as best as possible: it consists of a premium, guiding tool for candidates.

These professionals, with different backgrounds, and with ages ranging from 25 to more than 50 years, have different professional ambitions: developing their leadership and posture, acquiring new skills, retraining, building their own business… and our mission at ESSEC is to best accompany them with the right Executive Education program.

 What’s the role of the Talent Advisor?

Claire DMy long experience at ESSEC Executive Education has allowed me to develop profound knowledge of our Executive programs, and as a Talent Advisor, I have been able to guide professionals, step-by-step, on their motivation to train and to accomplish their projects.

I listen and gather all their needs, whether they concern their professional projects, or their overall motivation to train, and I invite them to discover and complete the “Talent Center” questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of 3 steps; I then analyze the answers and propose an exchange to discuss the experience and the learning paths that they could find interesting (taking a step back, hearing about their motivations and project).

The Talent Center offers a space of understanding and perspective that reassures and allows to define motivations and better comprehend the personality behind the resume. Once this step is over, candidates can start their application process, hoping to integrate the Executive Education program that suits them best. 

How does the experience on the Talent Center platform roll out?

Claire DThe experience is online and consists of three parts that demand an average of 40 minutes.

  • Soft skills: the candidate completes “MyPrint®”, a self-reporting questionnaire, scientifically designed to explore individual personality traits and motivations, specifically in the work environment. 
  • Experience: they then provide information relating to their academic and professional path. 
  • Project: finally, the candidate answers a questionnaire related to their education expectations and interests.

Once the questionnaire is completed, the Talent Center generates a report that contains: an analysis on the candidate’s path, personality, and professional project, as well as a recommendation on the different Executive Education programs available at ESSEC that could interest them. This report is a personalized support for an exchange between the Talent Advisor and the candidate. 

To find out more about the Talent Center and the support proposed:

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