17-03-2021 / Murielle Diabaoui / Source: ESSEC Executive Education

Finance your education

“Executive education” at ESSEC Executive Education means more than 40 years of experience and expertise in professional development services for executives and managers, and recognition in France as well as internationally (Top 5 in Financial Times, 2020).  To help you with your project, our teams are present to guide you in the process of identifying and financing your education. 

From 2 days and up to 18 months, certifying or graduating, the most part of our executive education programs can be financed through CPF. 

To help you visualize all the financing options available more clearly, we asked Murielle Diabaoui, Education Consultant at ESSEC, several questions.

CPF: What is it and who is it addressed to?

MDCPF is an acronym that stands for “Compte Personnel de Formation” (Training Personal Account in English). It’s an available means of financing, available to all French citizens, since they start their professional activity, and until they retire, whether they’re actively working, or transitioning professionally. Making use of CPF was simplified in 2019 thanks to the setup of the platform “”, which allows the device to be mobilized at any time, with an “ok” response in a short timeframe. 

Besides CPF, are there other financing options available?

 MDOf course. Multiple financing mechanisms exist, besides personal financing, which is taking up more and more space lately. Everyone can ask their employer to mobilize the skills development plan during end-of-year interviews. There are also apprenticeship programs available (for those under 30 years of age, and only for graduating programs), the Pro A device (for re-training or promotion after a work-study program), the professional transition CPF (or CIF, as it was called before, available for graduating programs), and general aids provided by regions, pension funds, or CCI. 

Are financing options for an employee the same for someone who’s looking for a job?

MDThere are some convergences, for instance, the availability of CPF, regional aids or pension funds. By the way, those who are looking for a job can ask Pôle Emploi for an individual education aid (AIF). AIFs are at the discretion of the agencies, which arbitrate the grants given to candidates based on their motivation files.

Can the employer accompany you in the financing of your education?

MDYes, of course! Let’s not forget that one of the key points of the education reform in 2015 (reinforced by that of 2019) is to motivate companies to contribute to the employability of their employees. It is a legal obligation. The best thing you can do is involve your manager in the process to find the right program and the right budget. 

What sites do you recommend?

MD If I had to advise on a site, I would say: think of taking a look on the site of your Competence Operator (OPCO), your privileged partner to build the budget of your education project. 


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