The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA: Achieving excellence as a Top-Ranked program by QS

28-07-2023 / ESSEC Executive Education / Source: ESSEC Executive Education
The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA: Achieving excellence as a Top-Ranked program by QS


For another year running, the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA holds its own among leading Executive MBA Programs as it maintains its 11th place in the new QS Executive MBA Rankings 2023: Joint Programmes. The ranking further strengthens the program’s position as a global leader in educating senior executives to take on strategic roles in a context of change.

The QS ranking is based on several factors including, but not limited to, the school’s reputation, EMBA class profile and post-graduation salary progression. The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA particularly excels in 2 of these categories: Diversity and Career Outcomes.

It comes as no surprise that our program is ranked 3rd in "Diversity", considering the cohort is made up of 40% women and 20 nationalities each year, on average. Diversity is placed at the heart of the program, with participants from a wide variety of backgrounds joining forces to learn from each other. We strongly believe that these interactions between diverse individuals, through various collaborative projects and workshops, are key to building strong leaders able to leverage each other's strengths.

The program is also well ranked for "Career Outcomes", ranking in 6th position. This criteria points to the program’s ability to ensure high levels of employability post-graduation. The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA stands out in this regard, as our participants are equipped with the tools to make an impact on their future industry, through integrated leadership development opportunities, a strategic project, and a strong focus on career development.

The strong global Alumni network, executive-friendly format, innovative curriculum and flexibility to design your own learning experience offered by the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA make it the perfect choice for high level executives looking for personal and professional growth opportunities.

Learn more about the European Track or the Asian Track of the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA program.

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