ESSEC Introduces Two Cutting-Edge Modules: AI & Leadership and Leading Change

02-10-2023 / ESSEC Executive Education / Source: ESSEC Executive Education
ESSEC Introduces Two Cutting-Edge Modules: AI & Leadership and Leading Change


ESSEC Executive Education is excited to introduce two dynamic and transformative Executive Short Programs, signaling the start of our innovative "Trending Topics" series. Crafted to empower business leaders, managers, and executives with the latest knowledge and skills, these modules represent the initial steps on a journey that will explore a range of current challenges in depth. As part of our commitment to providing top-tier education, we are proud to present the inaugural modules: "Artificial Intelligence & Leadership: Impact on Strategy and Innovation" and "Leading Change: Challenge and Redefine Your Management." These programs, delivered in English by renowned ESSEC professors, are designed to offer enlightening experiences for professionals seeking to remain at the forefront of their industries.

Artificial Intelligence & Leadership: Impact on strategy and innovation

This program is crafted for leaders, regardless of their prior experience in AI or technical knowledge, aiming to mold them into tomorrow's forward-thinking visionaries. Guided by Harris Kyriakou, an acclaimed expert renowned as one of the "Best 40 Under 40 MBA Professors," participants will explore the AI landscape's transformative potential for businesses. Tailored for business leaders, managers, and executives, this program fosters a deep grasp of AI's role in organizations through interactive discussions, networking, and hands-on applications. It provides essential insights into navigating AI's challenges and opportunities across industries, equipping leaders with the skills to lead AI initiatives, spur innovation, and drive transformation within their organizations. This program empowers leaders to make informed decisions, create value, and optimize outcomes in the era of AI-driven change.

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Leading Change: Challenge and redefine the way you do business

In our "Leading Change" program, participants will have the opportunity to explore management from a fresh perspective under the guidance of Professor Jérôme Barthélemy. Professor Barthélemy, an accomplished expert in strategy and management and currently serving as an Executive VP at ESSEC Business School, is dedicated to pushing participants out of their comfort zones. He challenges conventional management practices, encouraging participants to question long-held beliefs and myths inherited from prominent leaders. This program fosters an environment where traditional concepts are scrutinized, providing a platform for innovative and agile management approaches to emerge. It's tailored for individuals with substantial leadership experience, aiming to drive positive change and transformation within their organizations.

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Navigating the Future of Business Education with ESSEC's Trending Topics Series

These two modules are part of ESSEC's commitment to addressing contemporary business challenges through the "Trending Topics" series. Focusing on current issues in the business world, these programs are tailored for leaders, managers, and executives seeking to stay informed about the latest industry trends. The content is thoughtfully designed by experienced ESSEC professors and is presented in English to accommodate a global audience. As part of our dedication to participants' learning journeys, personalized coaching sessions are included. These one-on-one sessions offer individualized support, allowing for a deeper dive into the course material, the freedom to ask questions, and the reception of expert guidance tailored to unique needs and objectives. These modules will be conducted at ESSEC Executive Education CNIT-La Défense, providing a convenient and central location for participants. Explore these essential topics and stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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