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MasterCard-ESSEC Luxury Brand Management

MasterCard & ESSEC Business School are pleased to offer this unique executive program in Luxury Brand Management in Asia-Pacific.

For the 2011 intakes, participants on the program will have the option of attending the sessions in 2 locations, either Shanghai or Singapore. MasterCard will offer 15 partial scholarships per session to selected 


Length: 4 days

Date and location

Session 1: Shanghai
Dates: 27-30 May 2011
Closing date for application: 1 April 2011

Session 2: Singapore
Dates: 30 September to 3 October 2011
Closing date for application: 29 July 2011


Program fees: $ 7400 (excl. tax ; travel, accommodation and living expenses not included)
Scholarship granted by MasterCard: $ 2467 (travel, accommodation and living expenses not included)


  • A letter of recommendation from current employer
  • An up-to-date resume

Download the Recommendation Letter template

MasterCard-ESSEC Luxury Brand Management

The increasing number of affluent consumers in Asia is drawing companies to tap into this fast growing market. The continuous growth of luxury brands in most of Asia, and particularly China, provides a need for businesses to understand this unique customer base and manage the market potential.To address this need, ESSEC Business School, in association with MasterCard Worldwide, has created the MasterCard-ESSEC Luxury Brand Management Executive Program.

  • This collaboration brings together ESSEC’s established academic strengths and the extensive market and customer research done by MasterCard.
  • 4-day intensive, hands-on experience. Through lectures and training, the program will provide insights to branding, management and consumer trends in the luxury retail and service industry.
  • Special focus on China. China is targeted by many luxury brands as it is fast becoming the world’s largest market of luxury goods. This program dedicates one full day to the study of the Chinese luxury market.

For the 2011 intakes, participants on the program will have the option of attending the sessions in 2 locations, either Shanghai or Singapore. MasterCard will offer 15 scholarships per session to selected candidates. A MasterCard-ESSEC panel will be instituted to choose worthy recipients. All successful graduates of the program will be awarded internationally recognized certificates by ESSEC Business School.

MasterCard-ESSEC Luxury Brand Management

Day 1 & 2 with Professor Simon Nyeck

The luxury industry faces constant challenges in terms of market changes and prestige consumption patterns. In seeking new paths for growth, the challenge is to reach new customers and new markets and still retain the luxury appeal of the brand or product.

The new challenge is to manage the accessibility of the brand; keep the luxury appeal of the brand, the “dream” factor, alive while expanding its reach.

The objectives of Day 1 & 2 are:

  • Understanding the key challenges and the changing dynamics of luxury business.
  • Understanding the essence of a luxury brand and the brand identity (DNA).
  • Discussing the different models of luxury brand development.

The sessions aim to provide in-depth explanation on how luxury brands manage accessibility and the “dream” factor through the passage of time. Participants will develop a theoretical and practical understanding of luxury brand management essentials.

Discussions will cover brand identity or DNA, the impact of various brand concepts, applied analytical techniques, major management decision-making and activities.

Participants will get insights into how a luxury brand engages consumers through the senses and emotions; how a luxury brand comes to life for people and forges a deeper, lasting connection. They will understand luxury consumption and be able to integrate it into an efficient emotional randing strategy.

Day 3 with Professor Michel Phan

The objective of Day 3 is to provide insight to the service dimension of luxury brand management. The objectives of the sessions include:

  • Understanding the unique challenges involved in managing services and service recovery in the luxury sector.
  • Understanding how “service” can be a competitive advantage for luxury companies.
  • Assessment of various components of the “services marketing mix” as well as key issues required in measuring and managing service quality in a luxury market.
  • Appreciating the important role of technologiessocial media, and employees and their motivation in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Day 4 with Professor Pierre Xiao Lu

The final day of the program will present a picture of Chinese luxury consumers and focus on the practical and successful retailing models in China.

Initial discussions will touch on the fashion and luxury consumer market in China with the following topics:

  • Psychological analysis of Chinese luxury consumers.
  • Types of Chinese luxury consumers and segmentation.
  • Geographic distribution and regional characteristics.

The second half of the day will focus on how to distribute an international luxury brand in China by examining issues such as:

  • Luxury brand retailing models.
  • Location management (Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/Hangzhou etc.)



MasterCard-ESSEC Luxury Brand Management

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