ESSEC Executive MBA

Expertise, exploration, entrepreneurship

Our mission: Empower you to achieve your goals, both personal and professional to reveal the leader and entrepreneur you aim to become. Throughout the course of the ESSEC Executive MBA program, you will expand your general management knowledge, gain international experience through global study trips, train to become a successful, hone your leadership and advance your personal development.

Join us on this learning journey to broaden your skills:

  • Develop a 360 degree global view of business and expertise in all corporate functions
  • Test an entrepreneurial idea by applying  acquired theoretical knowledge to create a brand new business or develop a new product or market for your company
  • Learn to work effectively in teams and in an environment with a high level of diversity and cultural differences
  • Increase your versatility and value to your employer, thus multiplying your career opportunities
  • Create a valuable and lasting network of business partners and friends.


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Thierry Graeff

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Upcoming events

  • Sep 11
    Executive MBA - Afterwork

    Hosted by Ivana Ljubic

    18:15 | CNIT, Paris la Défense Sign up
  • Sep 18
    Access MBA | Brussels

    Meet with us in Brussels.

    17:00 | Brussels, Belgium Sign up
  • Sep 18
    Access MBA | Bruxelles

    Rencontrez-nous à Bruxelles

    17:00 | Brussels, Belgium Sign up
  • Sep 19
    Access MBA | Jakarta

    Meet with us in Jakarta.

    16:30 | Jakarta, Indonesia Sign up
  • Sep 21
    Access MBA | Paris

    Meet with us in Paris.

    10:00 | Paris, France Sign up
  • Sep 21
    QS Connect 1-2-1 | Dubai

    Meet with us in Dubai.

    12:00 | Dubai, UAE Sign up
  • Sep 24
    Access MBA | London

    Meet with us in London.

    17:00 | London Sign up
  • Sep 26
    MBA 25 | Kyiv

    Meet us in Kyiv

    16:00 | Kiev, Ukraine Sign up
  • Sep 28
    QS Connect 1-2-1 | New York

    Meet with us in New York.

    10:00 | New York, USA Sign up
  • Oct 01
    MBA 25 | Almaty

    Meet us in Almaty

    16:00 | Almaty, Kazakhstan Sign up
  • Oct 05
    QS World MBA Tour | London

    Meet with us in London.

    13:30 | London Sign up
  • Oct 08
    Access MBA | Milan

    Meet with us in Milan.

    17:00 | Milan, Italy Sign up
  • Oct 10
    Access MBA | Rome

    Meet us in Rome.

    16:30 | Rome, Italy Sign up
  • Oct 12
    QS Connect 1-2-1 | Paris

    Meet with us in Paris.

    10:00 | Paris Sign up
  • Oct 12
    QS World MBA Tour | Paris

    Meet with us in Paris.

    10:00 | Paris Sign up
  • Oct 14
    QS World MBA Tour | Milan

    Meet us in Milan

    16:30 | Milan, Italy Sign up
  • Oct 14
    Access MBA | Zurich

    Meet with us in Zurich.

    17:30 | Zurich, Switzerland Sign up
  • Nov 20
    Access EMBA | Abu Dhabi

    Meet us in Abu Dhabi

    16:30 | Abu Dhabi, UAE Sign up
  • Nov 22
    Access MBA | Dubai

    Meet us in Dubai.

    13:30 | Dubai, UAE Sign up

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