Le Biberon Français: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Benjamin Banoun, ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Alumnus

19-09-2017 / Claire Szlingier / Source: EEE EMBA
Le Biberon Français: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Benjamin Banoun, ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Alumnus

When Benjamin Banoun, a passionate engineer and family man, started his journey in the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA program, he and his classmates worked on one of the keystones of the program, the Entrepreneurial Project. After presenting the business plan with his peers before the EMBA jury and graduating, he used his newly acquired skill set to becoming an entrepreneur and decided to make the life of busy parents easier by creating a new baby bottle made of the best materials!

Throughout the course of my journey in the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA program, the workload was definitely a major challenge. Combining studies, family life and my job was intense. However, the lack of time finally became one of the reasons that brought me to launch my own company, Le Biberon FrançaisMy goal was to create a new reliable and recyclable baby bottle, easy to use, with a trendy design and useful to parents overwhelmed by the various types of baby bottles and tits to use each day. With 3 possible flow rates, an anti-colic valve and high-quality materials 100% made in France, Le Biberon Français was designed to act as a simple-to-use supplement or replacement to breastfeeding.


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The Entrepreneurial Project I worked on with a group of classmates was a very rich experience in the sense that it enabled me and my group to discover and work through the many steps when launching a new product or company. I acquired new methodologies in marketing, which I applied to the project and thanks to the culture of entrepreneurship at ESSEC, I also seized the opportunity to meet interesting creators, experts and professors who gave me the confidence to launch my own business.

The Executive MBA will always remain one of the most intense and challenging times in my life but also a life-changing learning experience. I launched my own project and acquired a wide array of skills, from management, to marketing, finance but also teamwork and leadership. The reward of seeing my baby bottles chosen by major stores and brands was definitely worth the effort and the 18 months.



Benjamin Banoun, ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Alumnus, Class of 2014

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